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Cops Nab Singaporean Drug Dealer

The Johor police have arrested a Singaporean man, believed to be a drug dealer and seized various types of drugs worth RM1.23 million from his apartment in Johor Bahru on Wednesday.

State police deputy chief Datuk Mohd Zakaria Ahmad said, the 56-year-old man was found in possession of 27 grams of syabu when he was stopped by police in Taman Daya at 9.15 pm.

The arrest led authorities to his apartment in Taman Mount Austin where the rest of the drugs including 5.8 kilograms of syabu and over 5,500 ecstasy pills were found.

Police also seized drug packaging and weighing tools, RM 7,000 in cash and a Suzuki motorcycle from the suspect who also tested positive for amphetamine.

Initial investigation revealed the man had been active in distributing the drugs in the local market, which can be used by up to 36,000 addicts for the past three months.

The case is being investigated under the Dangerous Drugs Act, which provides for a mandatory death sentence upon conviction.